ADA Door Operator - Call for a Free Estimate

Call us and we can repair and install a heavy duty ADA Door Operator at your business. A new installation typically includes the following parts:

  1. ADA opener mounted above the door - Dark Bronze or Clear/Silver
  2. A push plate mounted on each side of the door
  3. A push plate package includes the two boxes, two steel plate covers, and two transmitters.
  4. The operator contains a receiver.

A more sophisticated ADA door operator system allows for controlled access. A controlled access system enables a business to better control who can obtain access during normal operating hours and after-hours. The additional parts needed for this functionality may include the following:

  1. Power supply
  2. Electric strike to unlatch the door upon command
  3. BR3 to time the sequence of events (unlatch and then open the door).
  4. Wiring through the door frame
  5. Key pad or card reader system - We can also integrate into existing systems.

Our ADA door operator is heavy duty, which means it is designed for high traffic areas. Safety was a top priority in the design. More specifically, it will shut down the instant it registers resistance. At the same time, it is strong enough to swing a big heavy door. The ADA door operator also comes with an assortment of features and settings.

Call DENVER DOORS today at 303-327-9492 for a free estimate on an ADA door operator or complete our online Estimate Request form.

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