Door Hardware Sales, Repair, and Installation

Door hardware includes all the components of a door that give the door security and functionality. Ideally, you rarely think about or notice your door hardware. That is, until it is not functioning properly. Commercial door hardware is designed to withstand abuse and heavy use. When it malfunctions, it can be quite disruptive to your business. Let's list some of the things you might be experiencing that we can quickly resolve.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

  • Unable to lock at closing or unlock at opening
  • Broken hinge, door dragging, door squeaking, or no positive latch
  • Door closer leaking oil, closing too fast or allowing the door to slam
  • Loose threshold becoming a tripping hazard
  • Rain or wind coming through the door
  • Controlled access not working correctly (card reader, key pad)
  • Vertical rod not engaging or sticking
  • Window breaking or glass stop failing
  • And much more....

Every business wants its customers to have a positive experience so that they return and tell others about their business. We understand the value of a customer, which is why we strive to get repairs completed quickly and with minimal disruption to your clientele.

What is our service area?

We serve the entire Denver Metro Area...whether you need to buy a part, have your existing door repaired, or receive a quote for a new door system, we have the solution! Give us a call. Our phone is answered at all hours, seven days a week.

  • Free estimates are provided for manual commercial door installations and repairs
  • Free estimates are also provided for new automatic door systems
  • A Service Call costs $190 for the first hour and $95 for each additional hour. Most commercial door repairs can be completed in one hour. The first hour begins when we arrive at your location. So, no trip charge. Or, you could say that the trip charge is baked into the first hour on site. 
  • Would you like to schedule an onsite visit? If yes, simply call 303-327-9492. Thank you!



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